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Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. The first principal of the school was Vijai K. Kapoor Tenure The current chairman of the school is Mr. Indrajit Seth.

The current principal is Mr. Manohar Lal. The school is the runner-up of the Inter School Football Championship Secondary Wing Class It also has two libraries, three assembly halls, two swimming pools, four playgrounds, one school clinic, a canteen, a book shop and a uniform shop. Rao Daan Singh in the year The school is situated at Rewari - Mahendragarh Road.

This branch was established in and is located in Sector 19 of Indira Nagar, Lucknow. Delhi Public School, Hyderabad started functioning in — OSurvey No: 74, Hyderabad - It has a junior block, a senior block and an administrative block situated near the junior block. It also has a small playground for Juniors and an assembly ground. E, New Delhi. The classes in this school are from Nursery to XII. Rachna Mohotra.

DPS Azaad Nagar's infrastructure consists of 3 academic blocks, administrative block, playground, amphitheater, swimming pool, multipurpose hall and separate hostel facilities for boys and girls. The school is following the CBSE curriculum.

Delhi Public School Barra, Kanpur was founded in the year The school's infrastructure consists of 2 academic blocks, administrative block, playground, amphitheatre, and a multipurpose hall. Delhi Public School, Bahadurgarh is located in Jhajjar. T C Williams. The founder's principal was Dr. Arun Prakash. The school was founded by Industrialist and Philanthropist Chaudhary Sri.

School Magazines

The school is run on two campuses, nursery and primary classes in Maroda sector campus and middle and high school classes in the Risali campus. The principal of this school is currently Mr. Prashant Vashishta. It has tennis, basketball, badminton courts. It also has a football ground and playground. Many national events have been held in the swimming pool of the school. It also has separate hostel facilities. The school had made Bhilai an "education hub" of Chhattisgarh. The motto of the school is 'Service Before Self'.

Established on 11 Marchthe school boasts a campus of 36 acres.The school has about students and a staff of about The school is spread over 12 acres of land, amidst green fields and away from the pollution and noise of the city.

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The school has an excellent infrastructure and is one of the best schools in M. In just 12 years of its inception, the school has carved a niche for itself as the best educational institution in the city.

The school offers the choice of three streams currently — Science, Commerce and Humanities. The vibrant colour palette of nature is brought alive in the art classes. Computer has become an integral part of our life. Climate Change is real and all of us know it. The Sea Level is rising, polar ice caps are melting, and every year all the Heads of the States are meeting o.

Addressing the gathering, the Chief Guest which contended it was a spectacular show put up by the children. He stated that the students have smartly carved a niche for themselve. We are a school where through academics and co-scholastic pursuits, diligence and resilience are nurtured in every student — making them capable lifelong learners.

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Principal's Message. Read More. The Art School The vibrant colour palette of nature is brought alive in the art classes.

Science Block All three laboratories are looked after by separate lab incharges along with.

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Fencing Fencing, a brilliant sport has been recently added as a new sports activity t. Computer Lab Computer has become an integral part of our life. It now finds its use in eve.

dps school magazine pdf

For the hab Read More.The participants taking part in the contest will not be charged in any way. Winners Jr. The audacity of belief A man, inwon freedom for million people. A woman spread the message of selfless service from the streets of Calcutta. A man, inturned brick and mortar into an institution par excellence. What all of them had in common was the courage of their conviction and self belief.

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They all set a path for peace, progress and prosperity. As I very humbly tread that path, I am guided by the vision of my mentors and the ability and competence of my team. DPS Vasant Kunj as a school is growing and constantly evolving. Positive work ethics and the pursuit of excellence has always been our strength.

Parivartan, or change is the keyword for the 21st century. From marks to grades, from real to virtual classrooms, from blackboards to smartboards — education has acquired a completely new definition and dimension. Latest News: Padma Bhushan to Sh. New date will be announced later. Everyone loves fading in and fading out; it is an excellent way to transition between two messages Winners Arena Winners Jr. Message From Principal Greetings to all!When I was of seven, I used to think that death penalty is another evil to end all the evils in our country.

By the age of nine, I came to know that it was something necessary to maintain rules and regulation.

dps school magazine pdf

But by the age of ten, a fight started, between my heart and mind. It was about whether life cost more than any-thing else? By the age of eleven, I felt that it was an inhuman practice.

But by the age of 12, I got answers of all my questions. When Ajmal Kasab was executed by hanging due to his motive of terrorism, I realized that it was something that could help maintain peace all over the world. After the case of Yakub Memon, I started believing that to kill the evil we need to kill its cause. And death penalty is one of the ways through which we can get out of this chaos. So, I sum up by saying that the best way make the hard core criminals realize the cost of life, by submitting them to the similar situation.

The one who has committed serious crime of rape, torture, murder, should be punished. People fear nothing more than death. Therefore, nothing will deter a criminal more than the fear of death. Life in prison is less feared. The rate of crime will not decrease, if criminals woon't fear. Many opponents present a fact death penalty is immoral, but death penalty is not good on part of human by treating a defender as a free moral actor able to control his own destiny for good or for ill.

It is true that death penalty is very expensive than life imprisonment, but security, health care and botheration will continue till the criminals dies. Will you let a snake bite you twice? The answer is no you want it to be dead. So, just justice is essential for crime.I am delighted to welcome you all at Delhi Private School, Ajman. As a founder member and a new Principal, I feel privileged to be the leader of this school, the community of learners and friends.

As a school, we believe strongly in the power of high expectations of our students and of ourselves, and in the importance of personal goals that are meaningful to each individual. We know that every student is unique and has their own potential and we are determined to help them to fulfill it. The DPS Society is a non-profit, non-proprietary, private, educational organization.

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The DPS Family - with its transcontinental identity, is not merely a list of institutions, persons or facts; it is a network of values, systems and relationships. The Delhi Public School Society, a premier group of educational institutions has spread its wings beyond the boundaries of Delhi. It stands as a citadel of learning and a harbinger of quality education, committed to developing the minds and initiatives of children.

E phone Email:info dpsajman. Gallery Photos. Important News. Online registration for the academic year is open KG-Grade Message From Principal. DPS Society. Delhi Private School, Ajman. National Agenda. Admission Overview. Online Registration. Exam Policy. Teachers' Training Program.The school has strength of approximately and is divided into the Junior, Middle and Senior Wings. Besides academics, the school also offers a whole plethora of activities to hone the talents of the students.

Students have participated and won many Inter School competitions at the Inter School and International levels. The top five students were selected to participate in the final round conducted on 19th February In order to groom the children as responsible global citizens, the school had taken up this initiative to appreciate the students for maintaining cleanliness in and around their classroom and reward them in the form of additional field trips.

Powered by: IYCWorld. Forgot Password? Alumni Corner. Pro Vice Chairman's Message. Education is the foundation laid for the future.

dps school magazine pdf

It is the best investment to ensure a better world. Teacher, student, parent are the three angles of a triangle.

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A perfect link between them is important for holistic education. Principals Message. We must reach before we teach; practice before we preach; think before we speak. It is important to read.

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This is complete only when we think, reflect, analyze and finally pen down our thoughts. It is paramount to develop a sense of pride and behold the beauty within. Remember love is the strongest force in nature, stronger than the natural forces. If you feel there is a dearth of role models for our children today, be the one.Takshila Value Series is a compendium of seven motivational anthologies in five different languages.

All the poems have been meticulously gathered from multiple sources, sequenced chronologically and compiled in their pristine form.

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The titles take the reader closer to our rich literary heritage. Ashwath is an inspiring collection of poems, songs, shlokas and prayers, compiled from diverse sources. A must read for the entire family, it is a fountain of wisdom, love and peace, not found in usual text books.

It is a collection of timeless poetry in English written by world renowned poets over a couple of centuries. The poems have been classified into nine broad segments to cover almost the entire gamut of human emotions that touch the hearts of readers of all age groups. A timeline and a very useful appendix have been provided for reference. Avigat: Pratham Aakhyank, the third publication of Takshila Value Series, is a sumptuous anthology of Hindi poetry reminiscing the literary exuberance and poetic fecundity of our rich past.

The title covers poems from the Aadi Kaal to the Riti Kaal. The rare compendium savors the prashathis of Chandvardai, bhakti of Surdas, Sundardas, Mirabai, Tulsidas and Dev, the mysticism of Rahim, the hindavi of Khusro, the unflinching devotion of Malik Muhammad Jaisi and the unconditional love of Vidyapati. It includes poetry from the Aadhunik Kaal.

Amizhdham is the assortment of ageless poetic compositions from the Tamil literature brought out under the Takshila Value Series. The title includes poetry from the Sangam literature, the Didactic literature, the Devotional literature, the renowned Tamil Epics, the Sittrilakkiyam, the Puraanam and the modern literature.

Amizhdham lives up to its name by reflecting the nectar-like sublime emotions elucidated in the works of legendary Tamil poets. Ahsaas is yet another attempt under the Takshila Value Series to capture the multi-hued literary ethos of India — through some of the most remarkable poetry in the Punjabi literature. The title is apt to initiate the readers into the lyrical world of Punjabi verses. Rich in content and with great visual appeal, it focusses on issues that are engaging for readers of all age groups.

Its publishing history has been long and eventful, wherein TES Orbit has progressed from a four-page monochrome production to being a full-fledged, 60 page, multicolour news stand magazine full of informative articles. Each of its issues is themed on a topic of direct relevance to the society in general and young people in particular.

It also has a rich reservoir of features on other topics and invites literary and illustrative contributions from students, parents, teachers, educationists, journalists, authors, cartoonists, activists, and the like— all of whom are featured on a single platform. Kathaavali Seriesbrought out by Takshila Publication inis a seven volume Hindi-translated collection of famous short stories from the various languages of the world.

Every book is brimming with stories from regional Indian languages as well as foreign languages. Furthermore, special impetus has been given on keeping numerous folk tales from India and abroad so as to enhance the reading variety for young people.

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It is enthralling to find legends like Premchand, Mithleshwar, Feneshwaran Renu sharing print space with the likes of Chekhov, Pushkin, Lu shun and the like. Farr Furrthe first volume of Kaleidoscope Series, peeps into the vibrant world of feathery creatures and introduces readers to the similarities as well the uniqueness of ten well-recognized birds, viz. All rights reserved.

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